My Ultimate Challenge - UMCA HAMR

At some point in your life you will be challenged to do something that at first glance appears to be completely unattainable.  I have had these challenges come up over the years and with the planning, perseverance and the support of my family, friends and the universe, I have been able to achieve everything I have set out to do.  Now I have been presented with my ultimate challenge: to cycle more than 75,000 miles in 1 year (that is more than 3 times around the world, 25 times across the U.S)  or simply 206 miles per day.
When I first looked at this problem I thought  why would I be willing to give up a year of my life to do nothing but ride my bike.   Then I realized that most of the friends I have ride and I have met more people through riding than anything else I do. So instead of giving up a year of my life to ride - I am dedicating a year of my life to meeting new people, seeing new places and expanding what I believe life is.